Program Themes

Casualisation of the Workforce

Changing work patterns such as freelancing and contingent labour are creating new business models to help individuals find work and /or help organisations find individuals to service their needs.

This includes creating shifts in how people will work in the future in addition to new business models on how and where people find work (e.g. sidekicker, workana).

Employer Insights

Solutions underpinned by artificial intelligence, machine based learning and data analytics will help hirers better predict the suitability of jobseekers (e.g. predict performance, cultural fit, etc.) along with matching them to job/career opportunities.

This can include verification of education and qualification credentials, criminal record checks, etc. Note: This also has the potential to assist with diversity & inclusion.

Candidate Experience

Technology solutions that help jobseekers make career decisions including reviews of what it’s like to work for a company, salary transparency, career counselling, self-assessments, interview techniques and skills. This would include bridging the nexus between education and employment.

Additionally, services that can help new starters adapt to the cultural and performance aspects of the role and ensure that organisations provide an engaging and seamless onboarding experience for new hires. Potentially continues right through to helping current employees identify the right next role via outsourcing.

Disruptive Technology & Business Models

What else could the future of HR entail? New solutions and innovation that impacts either side of the market for either employers or candidates that can be delivered via a scalable and cost-effective business model.

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